School Staff

Michael Browne

Assistant Principal
Robyn Reardon

Teaching Staff

Grades and structures.


Foundation:                       Mrs Charlotte Wilders, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

                                          Ms Kerri Giles:   Wednesday


Year 1/2RN:                      Mrs Deanne Round; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

                                          Mr David North: Thursday, Friday


Year 1/2WE:                      Mrs Kate Wilson: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

                                           Ms Claire Eales: Friday


Year 1/2D:                         Mrs Kerry Douglas: Monday to Friday



Year 3/4S:                         Mrs Sharyn Stewart: Monday – Thursday

                                           Mr Martin Hayes- Friday


Year 3/4B:                         Ms Suzie Baldwin: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday   

                                           Mr Martin Hayes: Wednesday


Year 5/6T:                          Ms Claire Turner: Monday to Friday



Year 5/6L:                          Mr Peter Lucas: Tuesday to Friday

                                           Mr Martin Hayes: Monday


Language Unit:                   Ms Julia Murphy: Monday – Thursday

                                             Ms Robyn Reardon: Friday


Visual Arts:                         Mr Martin Hayes: Tuesday and Thursday


Phys Ed:                              Mr David North: Monday to Wednesday


Indonesian:                         Ms Agapi Kanakaridis/Ms Wayan Felberg

Education Support
Welfare Michael Woolsey
Administration Erica Cooper

Education Support
Kelly Abbott
Jo Broomhall
Jo Carlson
Helen Day
Sue Dickson
Kathleen Dodd
Bri Hackwell
Jane Lilley
Amelia Robinson
Jane Scroggie
Eilza Tatham
Amy Voltz

Library Assistant
Louise Puschner

Outside School Hours Care - Elysium OSHC
Matt Hine

School Cleaner