Language Unit

Seaford Language Unit (LU) is a Special Assistance resource unit currently hosted by Seaford Primary School. It provides intensive programs for students with a language disorder – expressive and or receptive.

The LU has been in operation for over 25 years. In that time it has successfully supported a large number of students. To be a part of the program, students are required to have been assessed by a speech pathologist and guidance officer and deemed eligible as language disordered.


The LU provides around ten hours each week per student of intensive language and literacy instruction via a team of highly trained educational specialists – Speech Pathologist, Experienced Teacher, Psychologist, and Special Trained Teacher Assistants. While attending the LU, the students are enrolled at Seaford Primary School and participate fully in all other curriculum areas. Several LU students have held leadership roles within the school.




Features of the Program include:

  • Explicit individual instruction (including modelling, support & guidance)
  • Literacy development with special attention to specific skills and strategies
  • Specialised attention to enhancing speech and language skills
  • Extended practice in application of strategies learned
  • Modification of classroom tasks
  • Development of self esteem
  • Development of social communication skills
  • Strengthening skills of self organisation
  • On-going parental consultation, liaison, support and feedback

The LU aims to prepare all students for mainstream classrooms at their home school, and prepare them for life beyond Primary School.

20 places are generally allocated.
Parent satisfaction of the Language Unit program is very high and is regularly commented upon in the school’s Parent Opinion Survey. A recent example is:

" I have found Seaford Primary to be a wonderful school. My son moved in grade 1 to be placed in the Language Unit. My son has made fantastic improvement in 8 months. I cannot thank the school enough. There needs to be more schools just like Seaford Primary"